Capitol Hill Rioter; image from Nature Magazine

PART FIVE: Why Worry?

Q-swag, image from Glamour Magazine

PART FOUR: Theatre, Grift, or Passionate Belief?

Burning Bridge, image from SmallBizClub

PART THREE: Among Our Friends

“QAmoms” (image from Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

PART TWO: The Narrative, and Susceptibility

Image from NBC News story


Getty Images — from Scientific American article on white American men and guns

The Geocentric Model (Universe Today)

Honore Daumier, L’Accusation (Morgan Library & Museum)

Image Credit: Al Jazeera

The future as it looked in 1967

De Clarke

Retired; ex-software engineer. Paleo-feminist. Sailor. Arduino tinkerer. Enviro. Libertarian Socialist (Anarcho-Syndicalist, kinda). Writer. Altermondialiste.

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