A hearty Amen from this writer who gets really riled by the "helpful" suggestions from Wordpress content guides. These algorithms downgrade text for "too many difficult words" -- "sentences too long" -- "paragraphs too long" -- how long before we are reduced to "See Jane run. Run, Jane, run!"

And then we have the endless "[small integer number] of Really Cool Things I'm About To Tell You" headlines, which as far as I can tell is a style lifted directly from advertising. "Three Good Reasons to Buy The New Ford Cortina!"

The end result is a prevailing prose style that more closely resembles tabloid journalism than, say, serious investigative reporting or even thoughtful essay form.

While I'm not seriously advocating a return to the weighty, fruity style of mid C19 -- much though I enjoy it -- surely there is room for literate prose even in online publishing?

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