Back in my working days, at a big U, we had a catch phrase for newspaper articles (and research papers) that proudly announced anything that was already thunderingly obvious. That catch phrase was "New Research Shows: Water is Wet!"

My alternative headline for this present article is "RAND Corporation Research Shows: Water is STILL Wet!"

Wealth concentration is not a new story. It's a very old story, whether the wealth in question is all the land in the country, or all the cattle, or all the gold. When a tiny handful of families own and control almost all the wealth, living conditions for everyone else are shall we say less than optimal. That's true whether we're talking about Ancient Rome or Modern America.

Anyone who's been watching Modern America for longer than a decade has seen firsthand the concentration of wealth, the rollback of redistributive taxation, the offshoring of investments and corporations to dodge taxes, the privatisation of public assets and services. No one with three working brain cells should have been in any doubt about the end result of that process.

So, kudos to the RAND Corp for spending who knows how many dollars on a careful study to discover that, wow, who knew, water is still wet.

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