I second the motion of Linda Carroll. Time for women to up and leave the states (not just AL) where forced pregnancy is official policy. I’m starting to get more and more enthusiastic about secession, i.e. beginning to wish those who are so darned nostalgic for the 1800’s or earlier would just secede and get it over with; they clearly want to drop out of modernity and the Enlightenment, so why not let them?

But back to our topic… I’ve always felt that RU486


was a way better solution to the ancient predicament of unwanted preganancy; but how long, I wonder, before the Red State Brigade passes laws making it not just expensive but outright illegal? And how long after that before they outlaw contraception of any kind? Can they exert the kind of microcontrol that would prevent access to mail order pharma supply? Making it illegal to travel to less restricted areas to avoid the ban is a startlingly bold move. Where are they headed, this US version of the Taliban with their antique, theocratic agenda?

That astonishing quote about disposal of fertilised ova in an IVF clinic says so much. I would not be surprised if the dudebro quoted has an inner mental image of a man in a white lab coat as the “technician” disposing of ova. So perhaps for him, it’s OK for a man in scientist costume to make such a decision, but not OK if that same decision is made by a woman. Because… drum roll… women have no right to decide whether or not men get born. I suspect that in many men’s hearts there is a lurking shred of doubt when they consider abortion law: if abortion had been readily available and safe when I was conceived, would my Mom have kept me or not? And that’s just unacceptable, existentially gutting, panic-inducing, rage-inducing… to consider that one’s entire existence could depend, even for a moment, on the decision of a mere woman.

Earlier civilisations more openly came to terms with their fear and awe of maternal power. Goddess figures throughout the early world are not cute, simpering, or soppy. They are often slightly (or extremely) terrifying: the ancients acknowledged openly that women exercised a divine and awe-inspiring power. The Fates are female, as are the Norns; their decisions make and break lives. The Great Mother has more than one face :-) and not all of them are smiling. That fear and awe, even when acknowledged, did no good for women of course — almost certainly drove the evolution of rigid patriarchy and enslavement of females as breeding stock… developments reflected in the biblical texts so beloved by the various splinter sects of the modern US.

I can think of some alternative laws that would achieve a similar reduction in unwanted pregnancies. But since they all involve actually holding men responsible for their sexual behaviour and its results, I assume there is not a snowflake’s chance in hell of ever enacting them.

Retired; ex-software engineer. Paleo-feminist. Sailor. Arduino tinkerer. Enviro. Libertarian Socialist (Anarcho-Syndicalist, kinda). Writer. Altermondialiste.

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