The De(vils) Dictionary

Every now and then you need a word, and it comes to you. Except it isn’t a real word, and you just made it up. But it’s a good word…

So I’m starting a mini dictionary of words that I’m pretty sure I made up. Hope someone else finds them useful at some point, or at least amusing. I’ll update it now and then when inspiration strikes.

Boonbarrel — see porkdoggle.

Chimpletons — human beings sufficiently untrained, uneducated, unreflective or otherwise undeveloped that they can’t recognise their own behaviour as embarrassingly primatological. Hence also, folks who are easily led, buffaloed, conned, swindled, and used. Case in point, the Capitol Hill Rioters of 2021.

Dogwaggery — the state of affairs in force when “the tail is wagging the dog.”

Far White — as in “The US Far White” — the political demographic dedicated to the preservation of white supremacy.

Grift-wing — that sizable chunk of the alt-right and Q demographic that is largely concerned with converting memes into pocket-lining. Snake oil salesmen, like Alex Jones and his “paleo” supplements, legions of MLM and Ponzi schemers, various gurus and cult leaders… and of course the biggest grifter of them all, Mr Trump — whose clever campaign team notably conned supporters into unwitting agreement to monthly, not one-time contributions. These are “grift-wing” activists.

Memanoma — a viral idea, a meme that replicates. Malignant memanomas are the subject of an article I wrote a while back about Internet culture and the war on facts.

Porkdoggle — see boonbarrel. They always occur together and in plural: “boonbarrels and porkdoggles” — but in either order, unlike other English tropes like “raining cats and dogs.” Definition: projects which attract, and waste, ridiculous amounts of money for trivial achievements, often lining some privileged person’s pockets along the way.

Solidickity — the instinctive “himpathy” and mutual ass-covering of men (particularly within organised institutions) when confronted about their sexism, harassment, predatory behaviour, rape, molestation, etc.

Storm Trumpers — fiercely loyal, militant and bellicose extremist fanboys of Donald Trump.

Trumpster Fire — the events of Jan 6 2021, among others.

Twalk — for the Covid era: a walk you take with someone mostly to have a talk, because you aren’t supposed to be having indoor meetings and the cafe is closed. “So shall we have a zoom or a twalk?”

Weticosis — one for the next DSM. This is my proposed psychiatric jargon for the state of being possessed by the Wetiko, an explanation or metaphor many people have used to describe the behaviour of Anglo colonists in North America. The Wendigo or Wetiko is a gaunt, ravenous, insatiable spirit associated with obsessive greed, including cannibalism. I suggest weticosis as a Anglo-fied, pseudo-scientific diagnostic label for the same mindset. American consumer society could then be described as a case of mass weticosis.

White-wing — not the perfectly innocent bird of that name, nor yet the fictional cat character, but another nickname for the Far White, the white-wing radicals of the current American (and European) political landscape.

[Feel free to use for your own purposes. I can’t imagine a greater pleasure or honour than donating a new word to the language.]